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Customer Service, Competitive Pricing are Hallmarks of PDAIS

By Caroline Power Gangl

Whether you're just establishing an independent practice or positioning yourself for retirement, PDA's wholly owned insurance subsidiary, Pennsylvania Dental Association Insurance Services, Inc. (PDAIS) can serve as your single source for all your insurance and financial planning needs.

When you take advantage of the products and services offered by PDAIS, you not only save money on quality products from stable, highly rated companies, you get excellent customer service and the PDA receives non-dues income.

Said Dr. Joel Casar, a general dentist who practices in Glassport, "I purchased my worker's compensation, liability and property insurance through PDAIS. I wanted to support PDAIS because non-dues income is vital for the financial stability of the PDA and at the same time I saved money on my insurance costs a win-win situation."

For your dental practice PDAIS offers professional liability, general liability, business property, business overhead expense, workers' compensation and employment practices liability insurance (EPLI). Health, long-term care, disability, term life, personal auto, homeowners and personal umbrella liability insurance, estate and financial planning services and domestic and foreign travel medical assistance are available to you, your family and your staff.

Dr. Dawn M. Rickert of New Hope recently benefited not only from PDAIS' products but its great customer service as well.

After working as an associate for just over three years, Rickert decided it was time for a change. "I wanted my own practice. I found a wonderful practice for sale in a growing area and knew that it was for me. My offer was accepted and I began the tedious paperwork" required to complete the sale and establish the practice.

She needed life and practice overhead insurance to secure her bank loans. However, "my bank was not going to accept an insurance binder for my loans," said Rickert. "It wanted an actual policy issued prior to settlement. I contacted two other insurance companies to compare rates. I thought at least one of them would be able to move fast enough to meet my deadline.

"After a week of getting nowhere, I contacted PDAIS and spoke with Gil Davis. Within a few days all of my paperwork was completed. He was even able to have a nurse come to my office and conduct the necessary medical exam. He found me the coverage that I needed at a very competitive rate.

"My bank then requested an additional coverage on one of my loans. Gil went out of his way to find that coverage to make the whole transaction possible," added Rickert.

"Members need to know that the PDAIS staff is not only here to sell quality products to PDA members at competitive prices but to serve PDA members as well," says Gil Davis, PDAIS CEO. "If members have questions about insurance, they should give us a call. The PDAIS staff will be happy to help them determine their insurance needs and offer suggestions about the many products on the market today."

Dr. Elliott Maser, a pediatric dentist who has practiced in Bensalem for 26 years, decided to get a quote from PDAIS when his malpractice insurance was nearing the end of its term.

"I acquired my malpractice insurance, office liability, workers' compensation, office overhead policy and one life insurance policy" through PDAIS, said Maser. "The rates for most of the policies were considerably lower than what I had paid previously."

Like Rickert, Maser was impressed with PDAIS' customer service.

"The staff has always returned my telephone calls and been prompt when sending information to me through the mail. Gil Davis went the extra mile in securing a carrier to handle one of my term life insurance policies after a rejection battle of 10 years. The rate I am now paying is much lower than what I could have obtained elsewhere, and, believe me, I have tried" said Maser.

Just about any insurance vendor can be helpful when selling insurance to you, but the PDAIS staff is there to assist you when you have a claim as well.

"I experienced a fire in one of the apartments above my dental office," explained Casar. "The apartment had to be gutted and most of my office ceilings and light fixtures had to be replaced due to water damage.

"The insurance company had no problem paying the sizeable property portion of the claim but was a little 'stubborn' in regards to a very small loss of income claim," said Casar. "Gil and the PDAIS staff were able to persuade the insurance company to pay that claim without violating the privacy of my patients, which was important to me" he noted.

Still not sure you should get a quote from PDAIS? Listen to what your colleagues have to say.

"I think any dentist member of the PDA owes it to him- or herself to at least get a quote through PDAIS. If they can't save you money with similar or broader coverage, and the PDAIS staff is very up front about this, they will tell you to stay with your current carriers," observed Maser.

Added Casar, "When PDAIS offers a better price for a product you MUST have for your business and superior customer service, you'd be crazy not to at least request a quote from them."

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