Amalgam Recovery

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PDA endorsed since 2017

HealthFirst offers PDA members a cost-effective amalgam waste recovery solution that meets the ADA’s recommended best practices for the responsible handling of amalgam waste, preventing dental mercury from entering our water supply. Over 17 states and 27 counties have already passed amalgam separation mandates for dental practices. Several more states are evaluating new requirements and in October of 2014 the EPA proposed a rule that will require all dental offices nationwide to install an amalgam separator. 

Is your office ready to comply? Compliance is easy with the Rebec - HealthFirst Amalgam Recovery Program, exclusively for PDA members. Along with a vetted solution, PDA members receive the following exclusive benefits: 

  • Up to 33% off retail
  • The only lifetime product warranty in the industry 
  • Wastewater pollution fine indemnification 
  • 1 amalgam filter recycle per year - guaranteed

Key features of the Rebec amalgam separator system:

Worry Free Compliance

  • Exceeds 99.0% amalgam mercury removal standard in proposed EPA rule
  • Amalgam filter monitoring program provided by HealthFirst
  • Monitoring program takes staff out of the equation
  • Web-based OnTraQ® Compliance Manager tool included free of charge 

Long Lasting Performance

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Can withstand expansion/contraction pressure from vacuum line
  • Custom-sized solution for each office
  • Ability to expand amalgam filter capacity based on growth of operations   

Simple to Use

  • No cleanup or waste handling for you or your staff
  • No extra flushing
  • Window in filter unit for visual monitoring of amalgam waste
  • No vacuum loss before, after or during annual dealer service
  • No plumbing permit required in most areas
  • No moving parts requiring replacement or service

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